VIC Business Support Fund open for application

The Victoria Government has established an economic survival package to support Victorian businesses and workers through the devastating impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Fund is part of the package, totaling $500 million is available for business.

Fund Overview:
Funding of $10,000 per business is available and will be allocated through a grant process.

Small businesses are eligible if they:

1. Hold an ABN at 16th March 2020 and Have been engaged in carrying out the operation of
the business in the Australian State of Victoria on 16 March 2020.

2. Employ staff

3. have been subject to closure or are highly impacted by Victoria’s Non-Essential Activity
Directions issued by the Deputy Chief Health Officer to-date (Non Essential Activity Directions)

4. have a turnover of more than $75,000; (Meaning that you must registered for GST)

5. have payroll of less than $650,000 (For business with payroll amount more than $650,000,
state government of Victoria is refunding payroll tax of 2018-2019 and waiving the payroll tax of

What sectors are defined as Non-Essential Activity Directions for grants?

1. Pubs, bars, clubs, nightclubs and hotels

2. Recreational facilities

3. Entertainment facilities

4. Place of worship

5. Non-essential retail facilities including beauty and personal care facility, auction house(but can
operate remotely), market hall etc…

6. Food and drink facilities such as cafe, restaurant, fast-food store, cafeteria and canteen. Take away
food and delivery food is allowed, there are other permissions, please refer to the above link.

7. Accommodation Facilities such as camping ground and caravan park, other types of
accommodation is currently allowed with certain requirements.

8. Swimming pools

9. Animal facilities

10. Real estate auctions and inspections

Not listed Non-Essential Activity Directions?

You can still apply if you meet all the other eligibility criteria and consider that the shutdown
restrictions have highly impacted on your business. Your application will be assessed against the

How can the funding be used?
Meeting business costs, including utilities, salaries, rent
Seeking financial, legal or other advice to support business continuity planning;
Developing the business through marketing and communications activities;
Other supporting activities related to the operation of the business.

There are certain areas that the fund can not be used, the Applicants will be subject to audit by the
Victorian Government or its representatives and will be required to produce evidence, such as payroll
reports to demonstrate impact, at the request of the Victorian Government for a period of four years
after the grant has been approved.

Documents Required Lists:
A recent BAS
Recent Payroll report
Other supporting materials

All questions in the application must be completed and any requested documentation attached to
ensure timely assessment and grant payment

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