Single Touch Payroll (STP) – You must Read This if You Have More Than 20 Employees!

The ATO has announced about changes regarding the streamlined payroll reporting through SingleTouchPayroll. This change will start from 1 July 2018 for employers with 20 or more employees.

To find out if you need to be ready by then, you will need to do a headcount of the employees you have on your payroll on 1 April 2018. If you have 20 or more employees on 1 April, you will be a ‘substantial employer’ and will need to report through Single Touch Payroll from 1 July 2018.

Once you are a ‘substantialemployer’ you will be required to continue reporting through Single Touch Payroll even if your employee numbers drop below 20.

Also, you need to have an updated payroll solution to run your payroll and pay your employees. You are required to reporting payments such as their salaries and wages, allowances, deductions (for example, workplace giving) and other payments, pay as you go (PAYG) withholding and super information to the ATO at the same time.

This change will become mandatory requirements from 1 July 2019 for all employers.

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Single Touch Payroll你准备好了吗?

Q:什么是Single Touch Payroll?
A:这是税务局将实施的一个新的系统-, 简称为STP. 雇主需要及时并直接申报工资发放(Wages & Salaries)工资预扣(PAYG Withholding)和养老金(Superannuation)信息给税ATO

A:这是为了提高信息透明度和完善税务系统的新举措。税局、雇主、员工三方的工资和养老金信息将实现同步。ATO利用信息匹配的方式核查雇主是否履行Superannuation Guarantee和PAYG Withholding的义务与责任,从而对未履行的雇主进行审查。

例子:雇主每周发放工资,则每年需申报52次; 每两周发工资,则每年申报26次; 每月发放工资,则每年需申报12次. 而现行的Annual PAYG report 和 Group Certificate则会取。雇主需使用标准商业(Standard Business Report) 软件,主动上报ATO。

对于员工:所有员工都要注册MyGov来及时的查询自己的工资信息,新员工可直接在 MyGov 直接填写 TFN Declaration 和Super 的信息,而无需再填写纸质的TFN Declaration Form

Q:哪些雇主必须用STP 进行申报?

•从2018年4月1日,雇主需确认他们的员工人数,有20名或者20名以上员工的雇主则需使用Single Touch Payroll 申报系统。
•从2018年7月1日,所有雇佣20名或者20名以上员工的雇主将统一使用Single Touch Payroll 申报系统。STP试行期为一年。
•从2019年7月1日,雇佣19名或少于19名员工的雇主也将需要使用Single Touch Payroll进行申报。

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